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Thursday, April 8, 2021

 Pigeon ACER plus 1800 watts induction cooktop unboxing & using first-time demo | pigeon induction cooker is the best induction on this price segment.

Usable and non-usable Utensils

Pigeon ACER plus 1800 watts induction cooktop

1. Usable Pan and pots.

Steel,cast iron, enameled iron,stainless steel, flat-bottom pans and pots with diameter from 12 to 26cm.
Pans and Pots name👇

Enameled Iron pot,Iron or enameled iron pots,castiron pan, iron pot,deep-fry pan stainless steel pots, iron plate pots, iron pots.

2. Non-usable pans

Heat-resistant glass,ceramic container,copper,aluminiume pans and pots, rounded-bottom pans and pots with bottom measuring less than 12cm.

How to unlock locked induction cooktop ?

The lock and unlock booth can be done by pressing the function button for about 15 second . Most of induction cooktop can be "Lock" and "Unlock" follow in this method.

 Induction cooktop ko kaise istamal kare pura jankari ham aap ko denga.

Find video guide👇

Pigeon induction cooktop helpine

Contact Pigeon customer care👇 Contact us at toll-free - 1800 425 66666. Give us a missed call or SMS - 97400 34444. Mail us -

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